Payroll is a time consuming and complex function that requires dedicated staff that know and understand the rules and regulations for federal, state and local municipalities. Our full-service capabilities allow us to tailor our services to meet your needs.

DeLaney & Co.

is one of the few local CPA firms that process payroll in-house for our clients.

We provide:

Complete payroll outsourcing where we do everything payroll related for you

After-the-fact payroll where we will simply help you with your payroll tax filings and deposits after you have paid your employees.

Quarterly Payroll Tax Filings


W2ís for Employees

   • 1

099ís for Contractors


Direct Deposit


Payroll Delivery


Electronic Reporting

We understand this function is critical to you and your employees. When you have a payroll related question or issue, you will be talking with a person you know and trust who is in our office.

Outsourcing your payroll is more affordable than you think. To prove it, we will sit down with you and walk you through a pricing model.


DeLaney & Co CPA: Full Service Payroll Processing

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